How to Prepare the Ultimate House Moving Checklist?

December 11, 2019 Supercheap

ultimate house moving checklist

Moving house is one of the most taxing tasks, right next to trying to reason with your dog why he can’t come with you to your office.

Shifting home is almost like being asked to move mountains.

There’s so much to move and always the looming fear of damaging or losing behind one of your essential items.

However, like everything, moving house can be a bit easier if you plan and organize the move with a reasonable time on your hand.

For a stress-free experience, a comprehensive checklist for moving house is paramount.

The ultimate house moving checklist helps you pack all your treasures and move across globally, interstate, or local.

And here’s a laydown on how to create one.

Two Months Before Moving

The right time to start preparing a house moving checklist is immediately after you’ve found your new home.

Here are a few pointers.

  • Purge
    Visit each room in your present home and decide on what you’ll like to take with you. Sort a list of items you’ll take and discard the items you won’t be taking along with you.
  • Find a good moving company
    Now is the time you do research on the best removalist in Australia and get quotes. Instead of an online quote, get a real on-site estimate of the entire moving. If you are looking for car removalists company from Melbourne to Brisbane, do some research and get the quotes to get an idea. Create a binder that stores all the documents and receipts related to moving.
  • Research
    It never hurts to have extra information on hand. Research and know more about the area, or city, you’ll be moving in. Follow local news and read blogs about your new locality.
  • Organize
    The first and foremost task is to have all important legal documents and certificates organized and stored safely. If you have children, visit their school and have their records transferred to the new district.
  • Use or Lose
    Use up the supplies you won’t be taking along. For instance, start consuming all perishable foods, frozen snacks, and use up cleaning supplies.

One Month Before Moving

It’s one month to the D-day when you move to the new place.

Here’s what must absolutely be doing.

  • Book a mover
    It is time you choose the right moving company and book it. Make sure you confirm the details in writing.
  • Order supplies
    Get loaded on supplies you’ll need while packing. Get boxes, bubble wraps, tapes, permanent markers, specialty containers for delicate chinaware, wardrobe boxes, etc.
  • Separate valuables
    Sort and separate your valuables like jewelry in safe boxes. It might be wise to put the moving binder in this safe box. You might need to refer to the mover’s estimate later. Personally transport your valuables to the new house, if possible. Or else, carry them along with you in personally secured luggage.
  • Begin packing and labeling
    If you think it’s too early, you might be caught off guard later with a mountain load of stuff to pack. We all have several items we use infrequently. Start packing them.
    Hint: you can afford to live without a waffle maker for one month. And yes, do not forget to label boxes. It is an important task for which you’ll be thanking yourself later while unpacking.
  • Notify
    This is the most important part of the house moving checklist. Get your address changed at the post office.
    – Notify your bank
    – Human resource department at your office
    – Credit card company
    – Insurer
    – Brokerage firm
    – Utility companies
    – Subscribed newspapers
    – Magazines about the new address

Two Weeks Before the Move

The time is ripe for you to accelerate the process and work hard on the moving out of the home checklist.

  • Apply for leave in advance
    You sure don’t want to annoy your boss by asking for a couple of days off at the last minute. Apply for a day off well in advance to ensure a smooth experience.
  • Reconfirm
    Call your house removal company and reconfirm all arrangements.
  • Get your car checked-up
    If you’re moving to someplace where the climate is different, it makes sense to get your car checked properly by a good mechanic. For instance, if you’re moving to a very cold place, get your hands on anti-freeze car fuel.
  • Book extra help
    If you need extra help that won’t be covered by the removal company, like house cleaning or a plumber for safely packing the washing machine and dishwasher, book in advance. Do not forget to arrange for pet and child care for the moving day.

One Week Before the Move

Are all packing and labeling done? Well, there’s still a lot more to do.

  • Emergency medications
    Prepare a box of all the emergency medical supplies you might need. If you’re on any medication, store up enough supplies to last you through the entire house moving.
  • Moving Day Survival Kit
    Make sure you have a moving day survival kit (besides the medication box) packed with everything you’ll need on a moving day to keep calm and focused.
  • Sort all keys
    Sort all your keys and store them in a labeled box. Nobody wants a search frenzy for keys at the last moment.
  • Pack the suitcase
    Pack your suitcase leaving behind just the clothing to last you through the week.
  • Defrost
    If you’re taking the refrigerator with you, defrost it. Ensure it is dry before moving.

One Day Before the Moving

You’re running out of time, so ensure:

  • Your mobile is fully charged.
  • You have a night bag containing a towel, hand lotion, toothbrush, and a set of extra clothes with you.
  • Double-check all arrangements. Confirm with your mover. Take a final walk through the house for a check.
  • Confirm details with friends, family, or people you’ve booked for extra help

On the Moving Day

Finally, it is the moving day.

Just some more tips to make sure you remain as calm and composed as possible:

  • Record all utility bill readings. Better take photographs.
  • Pack bedding and curtains.
  • Identify and securely load all fragile boxes.
  • Verify that the moving truck is from the company you booked.
  • Before the movers leave, keep a signed copy of the inventory list.
  • Ensure before leaving that everything has been loaded and the utilities are shut-off.
  • Check all windows and doors are shut before leaving.

Voila! You are all set to take the moving challenge head-on.

Remember, you can always customize the house moving checklist as per your needs.

Have you moved your house recently?

How was the experience?

Which part of the house moving checklist is the most important to you?

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