20 Simple Tips For Moving Interstate Through Professional Interstate Removalists

March 25, 2021 Supercheap

Interstate Removalists tips

People are moving interstate for new work, educational opportunities, or simply a change in their lifestyle. All Australian states vary greatly from each other and have different rules and regulations as well. It will be difficult for anyone to adjust to their new surroundings. The very thought of moving an entire living set up to another state can keep some people up all night, especially if they are moving for the first time.


Some issues are bound to come up when moving interstate, like the hidden costs in transporting items, finding the best removalist company, or how to get settled into a completely new state. There is no doubt about how stressful moving out can be, so we’ve curated a list of tips for you to follow to make sure you step into your new state with the right foot.

Tips for moving interstate by professional removalists

1. Avoid unnecessary risks, injuries, and hidden costs by hiring professional Interstate removalists to make your move simple and easy.


2. Figure out the amount you can spend and find the cheapest way to move interstate within that budget.


3. Research the town you are moving to, nearest hospitals, market, schools, restaurants, and transportation available in various areas; choose the most suitable for you. Measure your floor plan and map out space, see if your current furniture can fit comfortably. If not, it would be a waste to spend so much money on transporting it to the new place, only to end up being disappointed. Sometimes, it is difficult to get the furniture in through the door; expert interstate movers know how to adjust and get your furniture to your room, without you worrying about it all on your own.


4. There are certain restrictions that states follow in regards to what you can move in or out of the states in Australia, so research in advance to avoid issues later. Most states do not allow house plants, vegetables, and even certain pets to be moved in, as there is a chance they may contaminate the state with a foreign infection.

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5. Research when is the best time for you to move interstate and avoid peak seasons like public holidays, long weekends, school holidays, and Christmas or year-end holidays to avail best services.


6. Follow an interstate moving checklist. Organize lists for tasks before and after moving for the various mini-tasks along the way to avoid confusion and a chance of misplacing or losing important objects or documents.


7. You can keep your expenses in control by moving only the necessities. When paring down your stuff, use a pack, purge, or donate system. You can even sell some used items on craigslist or other such websites for some extra money. Moving furniture is a tedious task, and most often, it is cheaper to sell old furniture and buy new as and when required than moving it miles across the continent.


8. You must choose the reliable and cheapest interstate moving. Moving your things to another state can take up to a few days, and you need a company that you can trust to avoid damage or losing items on the way.


9. Ask your interstate removalists if they provide insurance cover for your items.


10. It would be best to ask about any extra charges or fees that could be added to your move to avoid the unexpected bill. You can also avail of other services that the interstate moving company may have to offer, like packing and loading services, disassembling and reassembling furniture, etc.


11. Ask what the estimated delivery speed is. It is usually standard practise in the industry for interstate moving companies to give you a delivery spread, or an interval, of 1 to 14 days for all of your belongings to arrive at the destination. Some companies even distribute your items on different transport vehicles so they may arrive hours or days apart because companies often use one truck to ship multiple customers’ belongings to avoid big expenses.


12. Prepare to ship your car beforehand. Research the best and cheapest way to move your car as it will take a toll on your moving budget, so you must seek this out first before booking cheap interstate removalists. Coast-to-coast auto transportation may take up to 1 to 2 weeks, so you need to prepare and plan a way to get around the city before you leave and also once you reach your new state. You can ask family, friends, or neighbours to help you out for a week or two before moving out of state or using public transport in the meanwhile.


13. You must transfer your utilities and home services like gas, electricity and WiFi early so you can relax after your move to the new city as figuring out everything at once in a new place is much more difficult. You can work your way out in the old city with the cheapest available options or share with family or friends for a few days.


14. You should also update your mailing address before moving out of state. You don’t want to miss out on any standing bills or notifications after your move out of the place. Change addresses on your government identification cards and apply for a new driver’s license in case there is such provision in the new state.


15. Set aside an emergency bag with some essentials to get you through a few days if your belongings take longer than expected to be delivered. It may include tea/coffee and a kettle, cleaning supplies and daily essentials, a pair of comfortable clothing, socks, etc.

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16. Make sure to keep important documents like moving documents, receipts, tax and insurance documents, and identification forms with you when moving out of state. If you have any item that you are emotionally attached to or is a valuable family heirloom, it is advised you keep it with you instead of sending it off in the moving truck.


17. Exchange your contact information with your interstate removalists. It may sound like an obvious thing to do, but sometimes the stress and anxiety of moving states get to the best of us, and we forget where we kept the card with the company details or the tracking ID for your items. Keep a copy saved in your email to be assured that your moving company will bring your stuff to the right place.


18. Please keep all your receipts safely, and save an online copy of it as well. The costs for moving out of state can spiral out of control, so the receipts help you track your spending and keep you within the budget. Plus, if you’re moving for work, your employer may offer to cover a portion of your moving expenses, and they may ask for these receipts.


19. Book your move as early as possible to avoid any scheduling issues on dates. It can become a huge problem if you need to join an office/ college or any institution at a particular date.


20. Saying goodbye to neighbours. Whether you had a good relationship with your neighbours or were less-than-perfect neighbours, be the bigger person and say goodbye to them anyway. It will give you a sense of closure with that place, and you will appreciate a little downtime.


If you are not experienced with moving houses, then you can easily make errors that can cost you in terms of time, money, or even safety, so moving interstate is another task altogether. You must choose the cheapest interstate removalists to do it for you.


What should I know before moving interstate?

You must thoroughly research the state and the various residential areas specifically before you move out. You must have secure housing ownership to avoid issues after moving out to save storage costs. You must also have an appointment letter for a new job/enough savings to last you six months or a secure income to avoid financial issues. Read all the rules and regulations regarding the state you are moving into beforehand to avoid trouble.

What is the best way to move interstate?

The best way to move is to research and find good reliable, and cheap interstate removalists for the job. It will save you both time and sleepless nights. You can curate a plan according to your own need and budget. Many removalists offer various services other than just picking up and dropping your stuff off, including packaging, disassembling of furniture and reassembling at the destination, insurance for moving items, and storage facilities.

How can I move interstate cheaply?

Many people believe that they can move all their stuff on their own to avoid expenses, but it may lead to personal injury, loss, or even damage to the item or the house while moving items or even while transporting. It is advised to find cheap interstate removalists to do the job. You can save some money by following the tips given above and packing most of the items yourself well in advance. Packing items is a not very expensive affair. It would help if you remembered to get smaller boxes as large boxes may be too heavy to lift and have a higher chance of falling and getting damaged.

How much does it cost to relocate interstate?

The average cost is around $3000-$6000. However, it is dependent on a lot of factors like the distance and number of items that need to be transferred. The expense for moving a few items, a 1BHK, 2BHK, or a bungalow, would be different. Some items like antique furniture or other valuable items require special attention and packaging, so they are charged more than moving a piece of average furniture.