5 Simple tips to move furniture by yourself

January 28, 2022 Supercheap
5 Simple tips to move furniture by yourself

Whenever you move heavy furniture, you should take extra precautions. You can suffer injuries if you lift incorrectly or lift beyond your limitations. Engage professional and cheap furniture removalists if you are unsure about how to lift heavy furniture. Professionals have the necessary resources, tools, and equipment to move heavy furniture successfully. Besides hurting yourself, you may also damage your furniture, property nearby, or hurt others.

Whether your furniture is small or bulky, professional furniture movers can move it easily. A wide range of tools and equipment are available to make the job easier for their team, who are trained to lift heavy items carefully. You can trust them to move your furniture efficiently.

We can move your heavy furniture without any damage at Supercheap interstate removals. Our highly trained team of removalists has the experience, tools, and equipment needed to achieve the best results when lifting, carrying, and moving heavy furniture.

This blog will tell you about 5 easy tips In case you are moving heavy furniture by yourself, This will help you to know how to pack and move heavy furniture without damaging the property or injuring anyone.

1. Observe the furniture

Observe the furniture

No matter what furniture you’re moving, whether it’s a bed, dining table, desk, or another large item, it’s important to observe it first. Each piece of furniture is unique, so there is no standard way to move it. Check these things before moving:

  • See if any damage has occurred. In many cases, furniture can fall apart during the moving process because of split wood, cracked casings, or loose screws. Identify a safe way to lift the furniture without damaging it. 
  • Has the furniture been installed correctly? The furniture can be damaged during transport if it has been incorrectly assembled.
  • Is there a significant amount of place to keep the furniture at rest during the journey?

2. Removing and reassembling the furniture may be an option

Removing and reassembling the furniture may be an option

Dismantling furniture can save you a lot of time when moving. Use the right tools and guidance for the job as recommended by manufacturers. The item must not be damaged during the dismantling process; otherwise, you may have difficulty reassembling the furniture.

3. Make sure the furniture is protected

Make sure the furniture is protected

Prepare your furniture for the move by protecting it. If you want to prevent scratches or dents, you can wrap the item in foam or bubble wrap material. Wrapping furniture in plastic or another water-resistant material can help keep moisture out, so you don’t damage it when moving it in the rain. You should ensure the furniture is properly wrapped and doesn’t come loose during shipping. Additionally, avoid wrapping the furniture in bulky materials that make it even heavier or harder to move.

4. Utilize the appropriate technology and tools

Utilize the appropriate technology and tools

It is important to use the right technique and equipment when lifting heavy furniture. Make sure your back is straight, your balance is stable, and lift with care. Do not lift beyond your abilities or in a rush. You can suffer severe back injuries if you overexert your back. Wear protective gloves, and consider using a platform trolley or stair climber for moving the furniture to protect it from damage.

5. Safeguard the furniture in vehicles 

Safeguard the furniture in vehicles

The furniture item must be safeguarded in the vehicle during the move. Tall items can tumble over if unfastened. In addition to the item, other nearby furniture, and the vehicle can be damaged. In order to strap and lock the furniture into place, ensure that your vehicle is equipped with appropriate structural support. When moving furniture during transit, keep space and clearance around it so furniture won’t slide and bump into other items.

We hope these simple tips help you, but we still recommend you hire professional removalists in case the furniture is heavy. Removalists have the right experience and tools for this. Feel free to call us on  +1300 24 70 70 for any queries.