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March 18, 2020 Supercheap


Moving offices is a challenging task to do as there are so many jobs involved and so much more resources at stake. If something goes wrong with the office relocation, then you would be wasting the working office hours in searching and arranging the stuff.

How do you prepare for an office move?

Having a clear plan about the ways in implementing the office move is the first step to a successful relocation. And a clear plan starts with a detailed office moving checklist. We have prepared a checklist for you that lists all the important things that you shouldn’t forget for your office move and the time in which you should start doing it.

You can make use of this free office moving checklist when you are relocating your office.

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Office Moving Checklist for a Planned Relocation

In this checklist for moving office premises, there can be some points that are quite obvious while there are some others which you may have otherwise missed out. Every point listed here has its own importance in making sure that your office relocation happens without any major issue. Let’s dig into the points one by one.

1. Keep the New Place All Ready to Move-in

If your new office space isn’t as ready to inhabit and start working, there is no point in packing and planning the relocation. The new office should be ready at least a week before you move in down to every single necessary connection. You may have to pay for an extra week during which you won’t occupy but don’t skimp on it. Else, you would be facing a much bigger problem on the day of the move.

Here are the necessary things you need to ensure in your new place:

  • Water connection
  • Electricity connection
  • Internet connection
  • Phone lines
  • A separate master key in your possession
  • Plug points in ample places around the office
  • A cleaning service to keep the office clean and ready to move in
  • Install security systems and access codes, if needed

When should you start? At least a week before the date of relocation.

2. Preparation for the Relocation of the Items from Your Current Office

There are a million things to do when it comes to planning the relocation of all the stuff from your current office to your new one. This includes planning the logistics for the move, deciding which things to take with you, which ones should be discarded and the new things that you should buy. This is not an easy task as it may seem.

Here is the procedure to do it the right way:

  • Make a list of things that you don’t want to take to your new office like tables, chairs, cabinets, etc.
  • Get the floor plan of your new place and compare it with your current office
  • Based on the size, decide where your existing things will be placed.
  • If you are expanding your office or have immediate plans for new recruitment, then find out where you need to put the new items in.
  • With this floor plan ready, visit the new office space once and ensure that you have sufficient space to place all the items you decided. You may never know the amount of perspective you will get on visiting the new office.
  • Incase you plan to move your HVAC you can mention it in this list. It is important to speak to the commercial air conditioning providers in advance, so they are available on the day of installation. It is entirely your choice if you want to install new HVAC or move the old one.

When should you start? Seven to nine weeks before the relocation date.

3. Designation of the Tasks to the Employees

You cannot possibly single-handedly manage all the relocation work on your own. You can assign a part of the moving tasks to your employees. You don’t need to give them a huge portion of the move; just a few tasks that are within their capabilities. Spread out the responsibilities to every employee and create separate teams for it.

You can create different teams responsible for the major tasks of the relocation like:

  • The packing team will be responsible for arranging packing boxes, custom stickers printed for labelling and manage office stuff to avoid last-minute chaos.
  • The transportation team will be responsible for arranging all necessary transportation.
  • The logistics team will be responsible for loading and unloading.
  • The IT team will be responsible for packing all necessary IT equipments.

You can designate more such tasks to the employees without putting too much pressure on them. You can give them the freedom to coordinate with each other and ensure a safe move. Just give them certain ideas like colour coding the items, designating departments to handle their own packing and so on.

When should you start? At least six weeks before the relocation date.

4. Hiring the Right Interstate Movers

It can often be overwhelming to assign a big task to your employees. It could eat up a lot of their working hours and could even make them lose focus on the important jobs at hand.

Sometimes, it’s best to hire experts to help you out. Hiring good interstate removalists or even local relocation companies with long years of relocation experience is a wise move. You can either hire the movers to completely manage the move right from bringing the packing materials to transportation and setting up the new office space. Else, you can just hire them for safely transporting your stuff and include loading and unloading services along with it.

When hiring the movers, make sure that they not only have general experience in relocation but specifically in-office move. Moving a house and office is different as there are a lot more computers, furniture and other equipment involved in the relocation of an office. Therefore, go for those interstate movers who have quite many years in successfully moving offices.

Just hiring the pricey relocation company doesn’t mean that they are the best. There are many cheap interstate movers who are efficient at what they do and offer better relocation services than the pricey ones. So, check with the previous customers of the relocation company you are planning to hire before finalizing them.

When should you start? A minimum of four weeks before the move.

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