How to move house during COVID-19

April 24, 2020 Supercheap

Anyone who has moved to a new house knows how stressful the experience can be. There are so many things that cause anxiety-like selecting a reliable house removals company in Melbourne, packing valuable belongings properly, staying within the budget, etc. With the current coronavirus scare, the process of moving has become even more complicated as there are also government regulations to be taken care of.

If you select a professional moving company to relocate to a new house, they will guide you properly on how to move house during COVID 19. Movers can make your moving process as smooth as possible and will provide you with valuable moving house tips that will be of great help. Moving companies will be well aware of government regulations to be observed with respect to the transport of goods during the pandemic.

House Moving Tips During COVID 19

  1. Be aware of government restrictions: During the pandemic, it would always be advisable to postpone your move to a later date, but in certain situations, such an action would not be possible for some people.
    If you have already entered a contract with a house moving service company, you would have no alternative but to complete your move. It may be possible to move locally, but it depends on the regulations put up by your state.
    It would help to have perfect knowledge about the restrictions to be maintained during moving. The house removals company you hire will be able to guide you properly in this matter.
  2. Arrange for essential services: You need to arrange for connecting utility services at your new home. You also need to inform the current services to be discontinued when you move. All essential services are functional during COVID-19, but some providers may not be operating at full capacity.
    They may be working with lesser staff, or there may be restrictions on working hours. Hence it is advisable to arrange these services well in advance once your moving dates are confirmed.
  3. Buy new packing materials:
    The coronavirus is known to remain alive for many hours on several surfaces. It is therefore vital to obtain new packing materials, cartons, boxes, etc. and avoid using old materials or containers that could be infected.
    It would be too risky to buy used materials to save costs since preserving your health is of utmost priority at this moment. Your moving removalists will be able to provide you with all the necessary packing material and containers needed for moving. They will be able to deliver boxes of various sizes for all your belongings.
  4. Ensure your mover is aware of safety precautions:
    covid- 19 safety When hiring a moving service for your house relocation, make sure that the mover is well aware of the new guidelines required for COVID-19. Ensure that the mover has sanitized all his equipment and moving vehicles.
    You also should enquire whether all their workers are healthy and not displaying any symptoms of infection. They also should be prepared to wear gloves and face masks during the moving process.
    Hire only those movers who are willing to follow all safety guidelines required. Do not be taken in by any removalists who are offering cheaper rates but will not take precautions for COVID-19.
  5. Avoid using paper or cash:digital-paymentSince the coronavirus can infest any surface whether it is paper, metal, glass, or any other, it would be better to make all transactions paperless. You could exchange necessary documents with the mover online. Make all payments digitally to avoid the exchange of cash.
    For this purpose, ensure that your internet connection is working well. Also, make any payments that are due to the internet provider to avoid disconnection during the moving process.
  6. Social distancing on moving day: On the actual day of moving, ensure that you and your family members maintain a safe distance from the moving staff. It would be advisable to keep open all doors of your home so that the workers do not have to touch the doorknob every time they enter.
    It would be safe to remain in another part of your home while the movers do their job. This will help you to avoid getting infected by droplets emitted by anyone who sneezes or coughs. Keep sanitizers or soap and water ready at suitable spots for yourself and the movers to use.
  7. Pack your belongings yourself: Under the present situation, it would be a wise decision to pack your belongings yourself. It would be a risk to ask your movers to pack or hire outside help for the job.
    Packing things yourself will significantly lessen the risk of getting infected. Also, ensure that you label all items clearly so that there is no confusion on moving day about arranging things at their proper places.
  8. Deep clean your new home thoroughly: It is vital to undertake a thorough cleaning of your new home. Under the coronavirus threat, this is a mandatory step needed to be taken. For this, you need to keep ready all essential materials like an alcohol-based sanitizer, detergents, old rags, towels, brooms, soap, etc.
    In case, the previous occupants had any infections; this deep cleansing would ensure complete decontamination of your house. Also, do not hire any outside cleaner for the job. Doing the cleaning yourself would be the safest thing to do. Once your belongings have been moved, you also need to disinfect the surfaces. It also includes all the packed items and even the contents inside through 60% IPA or ethanol.

During COVID-19, hiring experienced house removals Melbourne would ensure that all essential safety measures will be followed, and no compromises will be made. They will also be able to provide you with house moving tips that will be helpful in this crisis. It will guarantee a healthy and stress-free move for you and your family during this pandemic.

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