Moving House Tips: Step-by-Step Guide to Plan Your Move

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moving house tips

Moving is a stressful and never-ending task, especially if you are moving for the first time. It can cause sleepless nights and tiring days.

But there are many moving house tips which you can utilise to make your move as smooth as possible.

  • Planning the move
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    First and foremost, it is important to figure out whether you will be hiring a removalist or not. You may not employ a removalist with the sole purpose of saving money, but you may lack the skill and knowledge of handling and moving stuff around, causing damage to your valuables and yourself. Hence it is advisable to hire a removalist as they unload most of the moving stress from your shoulders.
    Plan in advance
    moving plan in advance
    Don’t wait till the last minute to plan your move. You must prepare at least two months prior to your moving date. This helps you get organized and manage the move well.
    Administrative tasks
    Tackle all your administrative tasks well in advance. Inform post office and service providers about your move. If you have any deliveries such as furniture deliveries, delay them and inform the store about your new address. This way, you save money on moving the new furniture as well. If you have school-going children, inform the school and keep the transfer certificate and all necessary papers ready.
    Administrative tasks
  • Packing
    Excess items
    Now that you have done planning your move, the next step is to start packing your stuff. As you begin packing, you will notice many things which are not needed anymore. Though it is tempting to keep these things and carry them with you to your new home, it is crucial to throwing these things away. You can even donate them or sell them at a lower price. In this way not only are you getting rid of excess items but also making money in the process. Moreover, you are saving money of moving these unnecessary items to your new house.
    excess items
    Moving boxes
    Moving boxes are important for packing and moving. Many buy these boxes, but there are many places where you can get them free of cost or for a very cheap rate.

  • You can get boxes from stores such as liquor store, bookstore, grocery store, hardware store, and pharmacy.You can also get such boxes from recycling centres, schools, restaurants, malls, and your workplace.
  • These boxes are of good quality and capable of moving heavy as well as fragile items efficiently. If you run out of luck and don’t get boxes from any of the places mentioned above, you can either order them online or ask your neighbour/friend who has shifted recently. They are guaranteed to have moving boxes. Moreover, you can get moving boxes of premium quality from your removal company.
    moving boxes

    Here are some links to help you with moving house boxes:

    – McDonald’s fry boxes: Contact them through FB Group
    Order of packing
    Start packing with things you use the least. Pack things like toothbrush and combs last. Start packing items such as books first, which you might not use because of your hectic schedule of packing. Also, pack the contents of one room in a box. That is, do not pack random items in the box. This makes labelling and unpacking hassle-free. Moreover, fill the box with heavy objects first and light objects. Cling wrap jewellery, so they don’t tangle and liquids such as shampoo bottles to avoid leakage.
    Order of packing
    Packing supplies
    Buy excess of packing supplies such as tapes, markers, bubble wraps and packing peanuts. You can also use sheets and towels instead of bubble wraps.
    You can use your clothes for covering fragile items or pack them on hangers. You can zip-tie all the hangers (with clothes) together and wrap the whole lot in a plastic wrap to save time.
    hanger clothes packing
    Labelling system
    Labelling the boxes is one of the most significant necessities of packing. It makes your packing, accessing, moving, and unpacking extremely easy. If you follow point number 7, you will have contents of one room in one box and not random items. Therefore, your label will have the following written on it: serial number of the box, name of the room from which the contents belong to, and names of all the contents. As you go on packing each box, a number it (serial number). Serial numbers are useful during inventory management.
    One of the most effective strategies used for labelling is colour code. Use different colours for different rooms.

  • For example, if the kitchen is assigned red, stick a red coloured paper on the box containing the kitchen items. Or you can use a red tape while taping that particular box. In this way, you can identify which box has the contents of which room without having to read each and every label.
  • Also, it is vital to label and colour all the sides, as well as the top of each box. You don’t want to waste your time and energy tilting every box to check its label.
    labels on boxes
    Checklist and inventory
    Keep a list of all the things you need to do while packing; even it is the most apparent point like informing the post office about your address change. It is common to forget things at the last minute due to all the chaos going around.
    Having an inventory of the number of boxes packed and its content is crucial as you will know which box has gone missing while on the move and how many boxes are there in total.
    checklist and inventory
    Kids and pets
    Keep your pets and kids away from the packing process as they tend to add to the chaos, decreasing your productivity. Keep your pets in a separate room with food and bed. You can tell the kids to join in the packing process which is less chaotic.
    kids pets

  • Moving
    Most precious valuables
    Keep all your expensive items such as jewellery, money, mobile phones, documents, hard drives in a bag close to you and not in the moving truck.
    Parking space
    Keep enough parking space for the truck to park and load items efficiently.

These were some of the house moving tips which are guaranteed to help you with your move.

Remember that planning in advance and being organized are the two key elements of a successful and stress-free move.

Thank you for reading.

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