All You Need to Know About Moving Boxes and Packing Material

March 10, 2022 Supercheap

You’ve booked your moving company and are starting to pack.

But what kind of boxes should you use?

What if it turns out that you need more or less than you thought?

How can you make sure everything is safe?

 We’re here to help answer all of your questions so that your move is a success.

When packing up your home, it’s essential to use the correct boxes and packing materials. The last thing you want is to break your favorite dishes or have your TV fall out of a box and shatter when you open it up in your new place.

Here are some packing tips for getting the right moving supplies for a stress-free move.

Here are some packing tips for getting the right moving supplies for a stress-free move.

Choosing Moving Boxes Based on the Size

There are several types of moving boxes, and each one is designed for a specific purpose. You need a mix of box sizes, and it’s essential to use the correct size box for each type of household item.

Before getting into the different types of moving boxes, let’s talk about what makes up a good moving box. The best boxes for packing are made from sturdy corrugated cardboard, with double-walled sheets that provide the box with extra strength and durability.

You want to make sure your box doesn’t bend or break before it gets to its destination, so be sure to choose a solid box that is strong enough for the items you are putting in it.

There are four main types that you’ll need to buy: large boxes, medium boxes, small boxes, and specialty boxes.

Large Boxes

Large Boxes

Most items can go into large boxes, typically measuring 18″x18″x16″ or above.

Books are an exception — they need their special box to keep them from being damaged during transit, so stack them in small or medium boxes instead of putting them with other items.

Large image mirrors can be shipped using specialty mirror cartons. It’s also good to purchase specialty dish packs for kitchen glassware, plates, cups, and bowls because these boxes are double-walled for extra protection.

Small Boxes

Small Boxes

Small boxes are best used for heavy or dense items like books, tools, canned goods, utensils, and other kitchenware. You can also use them for smaller toys and games. Because these items tend to be heavier than other household items, you don’t want to overfill small boxes, or they will become too heavy to lift.

Medium Boxes

Medium-sized moving boxes are best reserved for lightweight but bulky items like linens, towels, pillows, and clothes on hangers. This is because medium boxes are the most commonly available size and, therefore, the most affordable. If you’re on a tight budget or worried about packing costs, you’ll probably want more medium-sized boxes than any other box since it can handle most of the items.

Speciality Boxes

These are necessary boxes for special items that can’t be accommodated in the usual boxes. Most often, you need specialty boxes for storing fragile stuff and things that aren’t in a symmetrical shape. There are several designs of specialty boxes that you can use based on the items you’re packing.

Choosing Speciality Moving Boxes Based on the Usage

It’s important to use good-quality packing boxes that aren’t damaged and won’t fall apart when handled by removalists. This will help ensure the safety of your belongings and reduce the number of boxes you’ll need for packing.

But not all packing boxes can be used for all applications. While you need to pick the boxes based on the size, you also need to think about what you put in and use specialized boxes for particular items.

Storage Boxes

Storage boxes are of medium size and can fit books, CDs, DVDs, small kitchen appliances, and other not too large items. These boxes are meant for storing items that you do not use regularly but, for some reason, do not want to throw away. Storage boxes are great for moving because they are very sturdy and can support a lot of weight.

You can get as many boxes delivered from the local box shop or pick one from the hardware store nearby.

Dish Barrel Boxes

Dish Barrel Boxes

Dish barrel boxes have partitions that prevent your plates, glasses, and bowls from breaking during your move. Dish barrel boxes come in different sizes and you can choose one based on the size of dishes you use. You can also use dish packs to fill the space between the dishes.

Wardrobe Boxes

Wardrobe boxes protect your hanging clothes during a move. These boxes come with a metal bar across its width to hang shirts, pants, dresses, coats, and dresses without having to fold them. Wardrobe boxes come in two different sizes: regular and extra-large. The extra-large wardrobe box is larger than the regular one and has more hanging space inside it to accommodate more clothes.

Cardboard Boxes

You can find various second-hand boxes at your local stores to accommodate any size item. You can choose small cardboard boxes for storing books or shoes, medium-sized cardboard boxes for holding kitchen items, and large cardboard boxes for holding blankets and pillows. You can also use extra-large cardboard boxes to pack oversized items such as lamps or framed art.

 Choosing Packing Supplies

There are many types of packing supplies available to choose from, and each has its purpose. The more you know about the available products, the better prepared you will be for your move. Here are some tips on packing supplies to use for your next move.

Packing Tape

One type of packing tape is ideal for moving boxes: pressure-sensitive tape. This is sometimes called “packing” or “box” tape, and it has a strong adhesive that can withstand heavy loads. Clear tape is best because it will blend in with the box, but colored varieties can add a bit of fun to your moving experience. You will also need a tape dispenser to use the packing tape easily.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is one of the most common moving supplies to pack fragile stuff. It is the best way to protect our fine china, glassware, porcelain ware, and other breakable things. Some also use bubble wraps for dismantled furniture to secure them inside the box and prevent them from scratching against each other.

The trick here is to use bubble wrap with larger bubbles as they give more protection than smaller ones. You can also use newspapers as an alternative to bubble wraps, but they are not as effective as bubble wrap.

Packing Peanuts

The primary purpose of packing peanuts is to fill up empty spaces inside boxes so that there will be no room for movement or shifting when the boxes get jostled about during the move. These are loose, lightweight, and airy, which means they will easily adjust according to your item’s shape. You can use these packing peanuts for filling empty space in any box to make sure the things inside do not move around during transportation.

Packing Paper

Packing paper is an effective way of protecting your items during a move. It is ideal for wrapping fragile items to cushion the object against any potential impacts or bumps. Packing paper also helps prevent scratches on items, such as glassware and plates. Some use newspapers as a part of moving supplies to replace the blankets.

Moving Blankets

The purpose of moving blankets is to cover furniture and other large objects that cannot be placed in boxes when they’re being moved or put in storage. In fact, they’re one of the most popular moving supplies used by professional movers. They come in different sizes and weights to easily find one that fits your needs.


Styrofoam is used to pack any fragile items to cushion during the move. These include crockery, glassware, vases, and other precious items that need extra protection during the move.

To use styrofoam, you need to first place a layer of it on the bottom of your box. This will provide cushioning for your fragile items when you place them in the box. You can then pack the other things over it. It also prevents damage to your goods when the boxes are stacked together on the moving truck. Do not forget to distribute your items evenly around the box, so they don’t rattle around and break during transportation.


Wrapping Up

Moving is stressful enough without worrying about what kind of supplies you will need for your belongings. One of the best ways to prepare for your move is to know what kinds of moving supplies are available and what each type is used for. Make sure to have all of these times ready before you start packing to make sure that your moving process goes off without a hitch.

If you need any packing materials or tips for proper planning, you can reach out to the moving company.