How much does it cost to move Interstate Removalists in Australia?

June 30, 2020 Supercheap

There are chances that your house lease is about to expire or you are coming closer to your moving day.

In such a situation, the frequently pooping question in your head must be the average cost of the house move.

This is possible because people do not conduct moves that often so they aren’t aware of how much it will take for them to conduct an interstate move or what are the hidden charges in a move.

We have prepared the outline of the interstate removalists cost to help you prepare for that.

What is the average cost of moving interstate?

The average cost of the interstate house is approx $2,000 to $4,500 for a 3-4 bedroom move.

We have broken down the approximate move cost based on the bedroom house move.

Let’s assume that you have to move 3-4 bedroom houses. However, there are chances that the actual move cost may be higher based on your distance.

Here is a breakdown based on the above assumptions:

  • The average cost can be between $2,000- $2,800 for a move from Brisbane to Sydney
  • The average cost can be between $2,500- $3,500 for a move from Melbourne to Gold Coast
  • The average cost can be between $4,625- $5,775 for a move from Adelaide to Sunshine Coast
  • The average cost can be between $5,500- $6790 for a move from Brisbane to Perth
  • The average cost can be between $1,625- $2,275 for a move from Sydney to Canberra

Also, keep into consideration that the rate may also differ based on the types of furniture too like a king-size bed, upright piano, lounge suite, and many others.

Not just the furniture but it also depends upon the additional services like packing and unpacking.

Therefore if you like, you can professionally pack the items without paying for the additional services.

Here is a breakdown of additional services:

  • Backload and Save
    If you don’t have too much to carry, you can consider going for a backloading service. This can save you between 10-30% of your move. This does not mean that your item will be just loaded in a small truck for the sake of it. In order to prevent any item mixup, you need to make sure that removalist is willing to do the following:
    1. They have written inventory of the items
    2. Label your moving boxes
    3. Allow you to have a partition in the moving truck to separate your items from others
  • Moving Insurance
    moving insurance
    There are companies that offer insurance to cover the damage of your item during the transition. Check if the content is insured to see if the content is covered if they are not covered then you can add moving insurance. Based on the cover your belongings need it can cost you between $200 to $1,000.

  • Packing Servicepacking-materials 

    You need to include packing boxes in your additional service otherwise you will get a quote with general services only. With a professional packing service, you can get the right materials to ensure the damage-free transition of your belongings. You can use the packing service to pack high value, oversized and delicate items. This service can cost you from $50 to $100 based on the style and size of the box. If you are planning to pack yourself then you need to buy a box that can cost you $4 to $17 with an additional cost of packing tape, bubble wrap, and mattress.

  • Storage Service
    There are chances that you need to store your belongings before you settle. These are the cases when you have a huge volume of items and you don’t want to move your items at the time of your move. The storage facility can cost you between $200- $400 a month. If you want to add insurance, you may have to bear this extra cost but it will be worth your peace. 
  • Transporting your PetsPets transportation


    You know that your furry family member finds it difficult to adjust to the change. You need to move them equally carefully. Certain interstate removalists can coordinate safely when moving to a part of your move. If you have a furry friend then don’t forget to include the transportation charge of the pet. If you have space in the car, adjusting pets can’t be a problem. But it may cost you between $200- $400.

  • Flights and Accommodation
    You may be flying to the new place through the air. This can save you time and effort. Based on the distance you are travelling, it can cost you between $1,00 and $3,000. The charges can be minimized if you are lucky to get a deal.

  • Dumping Rubbish
    When you clear the old home, you may consider hiring skip bins. This way you can get rid of belongings that are not in use. This skip bin rate can vary based on the location but you can 2 cubic meters skip bin for at least $150. Your move will be cheaper after you have dumped the rubbish.

    Even though these are just estimates, we hope this breakdown has given you an idea of your interstate move.
    Based on these estimates you can add services to your removal quote. Even if you still feel overwhelmed, we can help you. We have a team of specialists that can help you get all the answers related to interest move cost.

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