How to Pack Mirrors for Moving

January 28, 2021 Supercheap

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Oversized mirrors have a high chance of being damaged and can be fairly pricey to substitute. Their cases might break, or their reflective covering might get damaged or even fragmented to bits during the move. One might wonder what the most suitable way is to pack a huge mirror and have it delivered in one piece? Well, now there is no need to worry. These packing suggestions will explain how to pack mirrors while moving interstate or locally, allowing your great mirror to outlast any house move intact.

Step 1: Get your supplies

The primary step is all about ensuring high-quality packing materials. The kind of packing material used often determines the distinction between getting your mirror in one piece and opening the pack to find it in pieces.

To pack mirrors while relocating, you will require:

  • A mirror carton
  • Viscous copper-coloured packing paper
  • A huge piece of dense cardboard
  • Lots of bubble wrap
  • Some moving rugs
  • A roll of packing tape
  • Masking tape
  • Permanent marker pen

It is always better to spend on excellent quality packing supplies because you can utilise them to pack a wide variety of delicate household objects, not only mirrors.

Step 2: Get the mirror carton ready

A mirror carton is a strong box with four separate cardboard sections joined together to produce an extremely customisable outer protective cardboard layer. You won’t require to fret about your huge mirror’s original size as the box can be simply modified to accommodate any mirror dimension during the packing process. You can easily get these boxes from home improvement stores or even regional moving companies.


When packing a mirror, you will require all four parts of the mirror carton to build the custom-sized cardboard box. Slide two box parts into one another and put solid bits of bubble wrap into their combined edges and surfaces. Do not apply any packing tape yet. Do the same with the other pieces of the crate. In the end, you should hold two long interconnected half pieces from the carton telescoped into each other.

Step 3: Assign a packing area

Before you determine how to pack mirrors while relocating, your primary task is to establish a proper packing space. Clean a table that is huge enough, for instance, the one in your pantry or living room. Lay a heavy moving quilt (or a pair of lighter ones) on the counter facade to work as a delicate cushion. Then, put the pile of thick copper-coloured paper in the middle of the table.


This packing station will expedite the packing process while holding stuff perfectly secure. Once you’re finished packing a full-length mirror, you should utilise that packing space for packing up other breakable home objects, like large paintings, mounted artwork, cuisine dishes, dishes, glasses, and so on.

Step 4: Do the “X” taping method for additional security

Employ a masking tape over the front of the mirror in a large “X” from edge to edge. That “X” of masking tape should hold damaged or cracked parts in position if your mirror does get broken during transportation. Alternatively, you can move the tape vertically and horizontally near the reflective surface in a lattice design, expanding the guarded area.


This “X” or grid design skill is a prudent move. If you do follow these suggestions to pack mirrors while relocating, then the odds are in your favour, and your precious possessions will not get damaged during the move.

Step 5: Wrap it like a gift

To be on a safer side, level out an unoccupied large-sized cardboard box and then cut out a part of the cardboard to the size of the full-length mirror. Next, thoroughly cover the mirror surface with that cut-out part of cardboard, then place it on the mirror face using tiny packing tape bits.


Put the mirror in the centre of the pile of brownish packing paper, and cover it from every side like you would envelop a gift. Don’t fret about making the package attractive; ensure the fragile item gets covered upright and tight. Lastly, cover your complete mirror with bubble wrap and ensure no part of the frail household objects remains exhibited. Apply packing tape whenever required to keep the package together.

Step 6: Shift the mirror into the mirror packing carton

Now it’s time to shift the guarded mirror into the mirror packing carton. Skim the full mirror into the half mirror case, then fix the surfaces so that they are firmly outfitted to the frame. If required, utilise extra stuffing elements such as bubble wrap or slightly compressed stuffing paper to fill any void spaces. Ultimately, apply only a piece of tape to guard the first half portion of your final bundle.


Put the second interconnected, bubble-wrap filled but not-yet-taped cardboard part from the top down. Join the two half-pieces in the centre, then tighten the top one to a tight fit and supplement filling elements if needed. Your huge mirror will be well-cushioned and shielded throughout the move this way.

Step 7: Check and label the mirror packing carton

Now, before you tape the bundle collectively, it’s time to examine the consequences of your packing endeavours. Elevate the complete package thoroughly into the air and swing it lightly. Nothing should be moving in – the preserved mirror should be immobilised. If something does appear to be propelling inside, supplement more stuffing elements to determine the issue. If everything seems ok, use lots of tapes to guard the complete package.


It is essential to be lavish with the packing tape to hold everything secure and bypass any shipping loss to your big mirror. Ultimately, utilise a permanent marker to mark the carton with its content to expedite the unpacking method. Also, write helpful handling directions such as HANDLE WITH CARE and FRAGILE.


If you own an extravagantly costly or greatly valuable mirror, packing mirrors while relocating by following these above tips will ensure its safety. A licensed removalist company can create a wooden case around your delicate property as the final protection.