How to Pack Clothes for a Move in 5 Easy Ways

June 27, 2019 Supercheap

how to pack clothes for a move

Just dumping all your clothes in boxes for your move isn’t going to make the cut.

Moving clothes is an elaborate process for which you need to spend some time.

Many put off packing their clothes for the move till the last minute and end up just bundling all the clothes together and stuffing in the boxes.

Doing so will only bring more damage to your clothes.

You can spend a little more time in planning the packing of your clothes to ensure that all of it is in perfectly good condition to store in the wardrobe of your new home.

5 Easy Ways to Pack Clothes for a Move

Here are some effective packing tips to keep your clothes wrinkle-free and fresh for use as soon as you arrive at your new home.

1. Purge The Unwanted

purge the unwanted

It isn’t necessary to pack every single piece of clothing you own.

You may have some clothes that won’t fit you anymore.

You may have some more clothes that have faded in colour.

It is time to part of these clothes.

Purging these clothes will help you make more extra spaces in the boxes and will also give you a fresh start for the new wardrobe.

2. Wash and Iron The Clothes

clothes organized and messy

Do not give in to the temptation of packing all your dirty, old clothes and take it to your new home.

You may sometimes end up packing the unwashed clothes with the washed ones by mistake and at the end of your relocation, all your clothes in that particular box will be smelly.

Relocation is the right time to get your wardrobe arranged all fresh and neat.

Before you start packing your clothes, make sure that they aren’t dirty.

Wash off all the dirt and the stain from the clothes, dry them and iron them properly.

Stack the same type clothes one over the other and keep them ready for packing.

3. Pack in Small Boxes

couples packing clothes in small boxes

Clothes are generally heavy and therefore, it is advisable not to pack them in large boxes as the weight of the clothes may force open the box from the bottom when you load or unload it.

Depending on the stack of the clothes you had arranged, choose the right sized box, preferably a small box, and pack the clothes inside.

If you want to provide extra protection, you can cover the clothes in plastic bags to protect it from any water damages.

4. Packing Clothes Smartly

hanger clothes packing

If you have a drawer in the wardrobe, then you can leave some clothes in there.

This will save you some packing time and spare you more space in the boxes.

Also, if you have any hanging clothes in the wardrobe, you can wrap over big plastic covers over it, fold them and place them in boxes and transport them.

If you are moving a short distance, you can also wrap the hanging clothes over the shelves inside the wardrobe.

Just make sure to tie the clothes to some stand inside so that the clothes do not fall or pile over each other during the move.

When you are packing delicate undergarments, pack them with a layer of tissue to keep them safe and fresh.

You can have a separate box for packing the undergarments inside.

Fold them all neatly in small bundles and wrap them with a tissue and place them tightly inside the box.

5. Have A ‘Moving Day’ Bag

couple packing clothes in box

Before you pack off all your clothes in boxes for relocation, don’t forget to pack some clothes for your moving day.

This bag may contain a few changes of clothes for the next few days till you get to unpacking the clothes boxes after you had relocated.

This bag will contain the bare essentials like some usual daily wear jeans, shirts and t-shirts.

Don’t forget to pack some towels and undergarments in this bag. Depending on the season, you may prefer to take some extra sweaters and blankets too.

If packing all these clothes seem like a lot of work, you can pay a bit extra with the removal services you have hired for transportation and ask them to help with the packing.

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