How to Move Interstate Cheaply – 6 Easy Ways to Follow

20/09/2018 Supercheap

how to move interstate cheaply

Are you looking for the cheapest way to move interstate?

I know, moving interstate is quite an exciting experience, especially if it’s Australia with a different culture and a new climate.

But the thought of putting a hole in your pocket during the move can drain all your excitement.

But there are some easy ways which can help you move interstate on a budget.

6 Cheap Ways To Move Interstate without burning a hole in your pocket

  • Throw out things you no longer need
    Declutter your belongings to reduce the volume.
    You might simply waste your money moving stuff you don’t need and wasting your energy packing them.
    Throw them out, sell them at a low price or donate them.
    Decluttering is challenging, but there are many benefits of doing so such as saving money on your move, making some extra cash by selling things you don’t need, and easier to set up your new home. If you want more moving tips we recommend you to read this article House Moving Tips

Throw out things you no longer need

  • Choose a reputable interstate moving company
    Since you are tight on budget, you may tend to choose a moving company which is not good.
    There are chances that you might end up wasting more money repairing your valuables because of the lack of expertise the movers possess.
    Therefore, select an interstate moving company which not only offers cheap price but quality service as well.
    Invest your time to research about the company and check its ratings and reviews. Call up their customer care service if you have any queries.

Choose a reputable interstate moving company

  • Extra services provided
    Take advantage of any additional services offered by the moving company that could save your time and money.
    Many reputable moving companies in Australia not only provide interstate moving and removalists but also cleaning and storage facilities.
    Some of them even help you save on gas, electricity, telephone, home insurance, and internet. Ask your company for any added benefits so you can make the most of it.
  • Plan your moving day wisely
    If you can choose your moving day, do not select any day during the peak seasons as interstate moving companies charge higher at that time.
    In Australia, peak seasons include school holidays, public holidays and Christmas holidays.
    Ask the company about their peak seasons while sourcing for quotes as it varies from company to company and makes sure that your moving day does not coincide with it.
  • Pack smartly
    Pack carefully to maximize space and save money.
    If you have container-like objects such as bags and suitcases, use them to store smaller objects.
    Nest small, sturdy objects (such as pots and pans) in larger sturdy objects (such as furniture). Balance your box by packing heavier items at the bottom and lighter/smaller items on top.
    Make the most of every inch inside the moving truck. You need not worry about this step if you have hired a reputable company as they will pack things correctly and make the most of each and every space.

pack smartly

  • Have your new home ready
    It will cost you big time if you do not organize and keep all your new address prepared as you will then have to arrange last-minute storage for your goods and pay for its accommodation as well. Therefore, this point is highly significant.

These were some tips on how you can move interstate cheaply.

Following these tips can ensure that your move will be an exciting one, rather than a stressful one.