How Much Does It Cost To Transport A Car Interstate?

October 12, 2021 Supercheap

If you’re thinking about having your car transport interstate across Australia, one of the first things you’ll evaluate is the cost.

When car owners consider interstate car transport in Australia, they must consider several things before deciding how to proceed and who to entrust with the process.

There are various car moving services and methods for transporting a vehicle from one location to another.

Cost is, in speaking, one of the essential considerations individuals make. Still, with so much variety in price between firms and car models, it’s frequently difficult to tell the appropriate pricing of this service.

On average, the farther you commute, the more it costs; the estimated price of traveling between capital cities is 43 cents per kilometer. To give you a sense of costs, car shipping companies between Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane cost $450 and $850 in auto transport companies.

It’s worthwhile to do your homework and compare the service’s cost against the company’s dependability and professionalism. However, if you choose a transport service solely depending on the rates, you may not get the best service.

Factors affecting your car transport price

We examine the many aspects that will influence the car transport cost of interstate transportation in Australia with these elements in mind.

Type of your vehicle

Transporting larger vehicles, such as trucks, SUVs, 4WDs, and vans is more costly than sedans and compacts. Adjustments to the chassis or cars with bigger tires are other elements like car model year that influence the cost of automotive transportation.

Similarly, if you’re shipping a prestige or premium vehicle, you should select an “enclosed” alternative because it will provide additional protection throughout transportation.

Simply, the bigger the truck, the more expensive it is to carry.

Transportation distance

The cost of car interstate transport in Australia gets heavily influenced by distance. It suffices to say that transporting a car from Perth to Sydney will be far more expensive than transporting a car from.

Melbourne to Sydney. One of the essential factors in your car transport price will most likely be the number of kilometers your vehicle will need to get carried.

Because interstate transportation is our specialty at Super Cheap Car Transport, we keep our charges low no matter how far you’re relocating your car.

On average, the farther you commute, the more it costs; the estimated price of traveling between capital cities is 43 cents per kilometer.

To give you a sense of costs, car shipping companies between Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane cost $450 and $850 in auto transport companies.

Type of car transport service you need

The price of car transport changes when you add value-added services, e.g., if you choose a Guaranteed Delivery Date Service or an Enclosed Service, or an express car delivery option, the cost of these subscription features will be higher. They employ sophisticated equipment for enclosed transport, and you get loading priority.

Open car carriers are ideal for interstate vehicle transport for several vehicles. They transport autos safely across long distances and deliver them on time.

However, there are several circumstances in which car owners may choose enclosed car transport, which will impact the general cost of the service.

The factors, such as air, rain, and dust, are protected from a car while transported in an enclosed service transport details.

It gets built explicitly for moving vehicles such as racing automobiles, historical cars, premium vehicles, and new models that demand privacy before debuting and keep them in immaculate condition.

The higher cost of this service is due to the specialty carriers we utilize, which give the highest level of security and safety for cars in this service area.

Pick-up and delivery locations might have additional costs

Are your pick-up and delivery locations for car transport services in a contained environment or a major capital city that is tough to reach? Or are they located in conveniently accessible urban areas?

Or are the pick-up and drop-off places off the beaten path and in difficult-to-reach locales off the main highways?

A decent rule of thumb is that the costs will be lower if it’s simple to travel to.

Depot-to-depot vs. door-to-door

When opposed to using a depot service, a door collection or delivery will cost you more. Depot-to-depot rates are frequently less expensive than door-to-door rates.

However, this is not always the case. If your car is shipped depot-to-depot and you cannot pick it up, you may be charged vehicle storage fees for each day it remains in the depot yard by vehicle transport companies.

On the other hand, if the nearest depot is many hundred kilometers away, you’ll almost certainly need to add in travel costs both ways.

Fuel prices of auto transport companies

While the carbon tax is no longer applicable in Australia due to legislation passed by the Federal Parliament repealing it on July 1, 2014, the expenses of driving a car are still vulnerable to swings in fuel prices.

The most significant variable expense connected with auto transportation is likely to be fuel expenses and surcharges. And it appears that they differ considerably from one place to the next every time you look.

Time of the year

Interstate transport company rates, as you might assume, fluctuate throughout the year depending on circumstances.

On average, prices will be lower for several car shipping companies, during the colder months since the demand is lower, and transporters don’t want to keep their trucks inert and idle.

Prices, on the other hand, tend to rise exponentially during the summer months due to increased demand. It is because vehicle transportation companies must balance this need with their position to fulfill delivery deadlines.

How to save on interstate car transport?

It pays to seek quotations from various car shipping firms to save money on vehicle shipment. Fortunately, obtaining automobile transport prices via the internet has become very simple.

Examine the quotes and don’t just choose the cheapest one. Going for the most affordable quote can be a terrible option for a variety of reasons.

Obtain car transport estimates here to discover what car transport firms have to offer if you’re looking around at this point.

Your car is an important asset. It’s a necessary element of your everyday routine. You’ll want to discover a reputable business that can carry it safely, quickly, and affordably.

The simple formula is to do your homework on vehicle transport businesses, seek quotations, and check what other customers have to say about the auto transport firms you’re considering for your vehicle’s transportation.