9 Points Checklist For Emergency Relocation In Melbourne

August 23, 2021 Supercheap

Emergency relocation can be a hectic chore. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, over 104,000 people relocated from January to March 2021. There are many accounts of people who have lost belongings or furniture during their relocation. To ensure this doesn’t happen to you, we’ve discussed with various interstate removalists in Melbourne to come up with a nine points checklist.

Refer to this checklist as you start planning your emergency relocation.

9 Points to remember for an emergency relocation

emergency relocation

  • Keep all documents in one place

One of the most common things lost during relocation is documents. If you’ve decided to relocate from one city to another, the first thing you should do is collect all the important documents. This includes all medical files, licenses, contracts, or certificates. We recommend creating a bag for these. Instead of placing it with all the other boxes, keep it separate. For example, if you’re hiring a moving truck, keep these documents in your car. 

  • Create a plan

Relocation is not a simple task, and many things can go wrong. The most accurate way to deal with relocation is to create a moving plan. This plan should detail a timeline of your activities – when you will be dismantling the furniture, when the loading truck will get there, etc. This will also ensure that you keep a calm head during a crisis and work out a logical solution.

  • Estimate time and resources

Before you start packing, get an estimate of how much time and how many boxes you’ll need to pack all your belongings. The estimate does not have to be accurate, but a general idea will help you make a more accurate plan. If there are too many belongings or not enough time, enlist the help of your family and friends to get you started.

  • Pack a mini-travel bag

The last day in your old home and the first day in your new one are going to be hectic. It might be difficult for you to find your belongings as they’re packed away in boxes. Interstate removalists in Melbourne recommend packing a mini-travel bag. This bag should contain all the essentials you’ll need for at least three days. 

Mini Travel Bag

This estimation is done assuming that it’ll take you one day to get settled. But, if your journey involves overnight travel, it is best to pack extra.

  • Pack a separate bag for your child

Instead of packing one bag with all your children’s belongings, pack one bag for each child. This will make sure you’ll have everything you could need right at hand. It also saves you time from searching. The bag should contain food, beverages, napkins, towels, clothes, diapers, and sanitisers. This will reduce some of the burdens on your shoulders.

  • Book a removalist company

Melbourne Removalists are professionals who you can hire to complete the daunting task of relocating. Their expertise and knowledge can go a long way in helping you figure out an accurate plan. They often have a ready-made packing and moving plan in place that you can use. 

Instead of creating a checklist of every item and packing it yourself, you can hire a company that will do the job for you. This allows you to focus on another aspect of the relocation.

  • Make cancellations and redirections

One thing that many homeowners forget to do during relocation is cancellations and redirections. You may have signed up for a daily newspaper or a weekly magazine. Canceling the newspapers and redirecting your mail to your new home should be given priority. This will ensure you don’t have to deal with the hassle through phone calls after you have moved out.

  • Keep track of your electronics

You need to clear out and defrost your fridge before you relocate. If there is any food in the fridge, you can decide whether to pack it or throw it away. Other electronics like washing machines, ovens, and stoves that you own should be dismantled. However, if you don’t own them, it is common courtesy to clean them before you leave. 

  • Call agents and managers

Before you move out, call your real estate agent and schedule a meeting. You should also schedule meetings with technicians to confirm your gas, electricity, and water meters are disconnected. Remember to take photographs of the meters for your reference. This can help you in the future if there are any disputes. We also recommend encouraging your real estate agent to photograph the meters, so you have two copies.

This is the nine-point checklist that is recommended by Melbourne to Sydney removalists. Some of these tasks can be simplified if you hire a removalist. Their services are affordable, easy to book, and helpful. If you’re looking for a reliable interstate removalist, Supercheap Interstate Removalists can help you. Visit here to get an accurate price estimate for your relocation.