5 Effective Ways to Choose the Best Removalists in Melbourne

January 28, 2020 Supercheap

So you have decided to move to a new place. Of course, you must have done all the necessary searches to hunt the new home. And now comes the challenge of shifting your belongings to the new place with safety. But how to ensure the safety of your possessions? Who will perform the hectic job for you? Even though it’s tempting to ask friends and family for help and get the work done without spending much yet they are not professionally trained movers, so the safety of your items is on risk.

It’s a breath of fresh air when you have skilled movers to lighten your load. But how to find the trusted interstate removals in Melbourne who can work for you? We have got the solution to all your queries. There are many local and furniture removalists in Melbourne working to move your items to a new area.

Here are a few tips for you to help you choose the best one from all these companies.

1. Start Your Journey from Recommended Companies

You should begin the research process by getting in touch with the companies that have been referred to you by people. Don’t shy away from asking your family members and friends who have recently conducted a move with the help of movers. Inquiry about their experience and how would they like to recommend the removalist company.

These types of recommendations are the most preferred ones as the company you go with is tried and tested. Having a personal recommendation can help you know more about the insights of the removalists. You should get all the details like the quality of work, rates, equipment, and many others. Try to get recent referrals as you can’t just blindly go with a remark that is based on 15 years earlier move. Of course, there is no harm in researching the company but keep the recent moving experience on your priority list will benefit you.

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2. Specific and Accurate Estimates

At times it gets difficult to get the exact estimate as rates on the internet are without any additional charges. For an accurate estimate, you have to provide as many details as possible and your removalists will come to your home to survey your belongings and give you a vague estimate. Ask at least three or four removalists for quotes to get the best rate and services.

This should be your first step in getting your move underway. You need to ensure that the company you choose shouldn’t be heavy on the pocket and offer the best quality in that amount.

Here’s a pro tip even if affordability is a big consideration factor, finally you have to pay for what you receive. The cheapest removalist company does not mean the best service to fulfill your needs. So in-depth research and getting an accurate estimate is a must.

3. Extra Required Features and Services

You will mostly find removalist companies offering comprehensive services like packing, box provision, and transportation. Often some reputable companies will also give additional services like moving pool table and piano table at a competitive rate. The flexibility of a company to offer additional services shows its ability to innovate. This also shows a high of their industry-based knowledge and adaptability with previous customers.

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4. Do Your homework

It’s crucial to have a background check of the removalist before hiring. Here we have compiled crucial questions that you shouldn’t forget to ask before hiring a company:

  • How many years of experience do they have in this business?
  • Do they specialize in moving items like a piano, pool table, and antiques?
  • Are they local removalists or they conduct interstate moves as well?
  • Do they have client testimonial of their customer base?
  • What all services are included in their packages like packing, cleaning, insurance, packaging, and unloading?

5. Check the website and reviews

Don’t just go by word of mouth but also review the website and comparison sites. Do read the feedback provided by previous customers here. Remember a satisfied customer will put a good review and customers with a bad experience will post a negative review. Both types of reviews should be evaluated before finalizing the removalist for your move in Melbourne.

We hope you will consider all the above factors when choosing a Removalist Company in Melbourne. Get as much as detailed information you can manage to get. You should inquire about the staff training and equipment to ensure a damage-free home shifting. We hope you make a wise decision and hire a reputed and trustworthy removalist company that has been providing exceptional service for long.

All the best with your upcoming move!