Cleaning Tips During A Move

April 28, 2021 Supercheap

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The time after the outbreak of the pandemic has been nothing short of shocking and distressful for almost every single person. This has also been the case with the people looking to shift from their current residence. In addition to dealing with the usual stress of a move, there is also the requirement of protecting oneself, loved ones and everyone else involved in the process of moving. This is because the frequent use of sanitiser, following social distance and other requirements can take a back seat as all the practical aspects of the move take up more priority.


To prevent this calamity from taking place, it is essential to set a proper plan in motion while moving.

Potential vulnerabilities while moving

To accurately make sure that the move is being carried out properly, it is essential to pinpoint potential problem areas in the current home as well as the new one:

  • Packing: The packaging process while moving is always a problem which was common even before COVID. The reason for it being so stressful is the fact that belongings can be fragile, important and have sentimental value in general. Therefore, one has to ensure that they are not only properly packed but also safely transported to the new residence.
  • Number of people: Since the process of moving a house can be a bit too much for a single person, several people need to help with the move. However, this may not be too safe considering a significant portion of the population that has been moving since the outbreak of the pandemic have been individuals. Therefore, they can either bring in family members or friends. This can put one at risk of contracting the virus considering that the help brought in may have already been infected.
  • Infected spaces: Before the house is sold to an individual, it has probably seen a significant number of visitors before. Therefore, the services in the house are probably infected with virus particles. The floors and door handles may contain virus particles as well. Therefore, the disinfection process is of the utmost importance when it comes to shifting during this time. A large portion of the time that goes into shifting houses will be spent ensuring that these surfaces are clean. In addition to this, there are chances that belongings which are in close contact with a large group of people as seen in an office, for example, will also be a risk.
  • Unpacking: This can also be harmful if one does not take the proper precautions. Items, especially the ones that are not covered, can harbour the virus. Therefore, ensuring that the items are properly disinfected before placing them in their designated positions are a must. To make this process a little easier, it can help to designate an “unpacking room”. This room will function as a space wherein all boxes and items will be stored after transport. This will not only give an individual the chance to unpack systematically but also reduce the chances of tracking in COVID.

Life-saving tips while moving house

Ensuring that the COVID protocols are followed can be challenging especially during this time. So how does one ensure that these problems areas are covered? This can be solved with the help of a plan before beginning the process of moving.

  • Virtual quotes: If one feels the need to hire the services of a moving company, it would be advisable to obtain virtual quotes. This will make the need for an in-person quote redundant. Many companies that provide moving services offer this service to their clients in recent times. A client can simply list out the approximate weight of the load to be moved or the number of rooms that will be shifted and a quote is made.
  • Efficient packaging: Whether an individual is packing their belongings themselves or handing them over to a moving company, this process is crucial. There is, firstly, the aspect of planning where the items will be placed in the new home or the office. In addition to this, one will have to make sure that the boxes or items do not come in contact with any virus particles during the transport and unpacking process. For this reason, most planning should go towards ensuring the disinfection of items with the help of sanitising sprays and other methods. If possible try to wrap every item before transporting it with plastic or other low-cost covering.
  • Disinfection and cleaning: This will be carried for almost everything and every person involved in the move. The primary disinfection process will take place in the home or office to which one will be shifting. A range of cleaning equipment like detergents, soaps and cloths will be required during this time. As per the guidelines, one should procure detergents or disinfecting liquids that possess 60 to 70% of alcohol in them. This can potentially all harmful bacteria or viruses present on the surfaces at home.
  • Help: In case it is a moving company or acquaintances helping, the physical contact between oneself and others must be brought to a minimum. Therefore, handshakes and any other physical touching cannot take place. This also sadly includes small talk while standing less than two meters apart.

COVID checklist tips for cleaning while moving

  • Disinfecting liquid: The disinfecting liquids used for cleaning the surfaces of the residence or workspace must adhere to the requirements of the government and health professionals.
  • Sanitiser: To ensure that the people entering the space do not drag in any infective particles, sanitiser is to be kept in accessible regions around the house or office space.
  • Mops and cloths: These will be used while disinfecting a given floor in the bathroom as well as the other areas of the house. Cloths will find use in disinfecting the surfaces like tabletops and kitchen hearths.
  • Sanitising sprays: These sprays can be used on the incoming cargo just before unpacking. It can also be used on belongings provided materials that do not get affected by the chemicals.
  • Face masks: Every member of the moving party must wear a mask to protect each other.
  • Gloves: This is a must while cleaning and while handling belongings as well.
  • Trash bins: These can greatly reduce the risk of infection as well as littering while moving. The items that are used to clean especially gloves and disposable cloths must be thrown into designated trash bags as soon as they are no longer needed.
  • Door stoppers: Although this may seem like a trivial requirement, it can be extremely helpful. These can be used to prop open a door during the move. Therefore, an individual need not touch door handles or the surface of the door. Thus, it helps to inhibit the contact between the individual and the surface.

What does super cheap interstate removals have to offer?

The moving team at super cheap interstate removals ensures two things. Firstly, the moving process is carried out without any problems during the packing and transporting. That is, a client’s belongings will be carefully packed and loaded. This is especially important considering that the items to be moved are being carted for long distances.

The second guarantee that is offered here is that the team will make sure that all COVID protocols are followed. As per the rules put forward by the health department of the Australian Government, all protocols are strictly adhered to during transport, packing and unpacking.


Therefore, one can be relieved of this. In addition to this, the temporary storage provided by the company also follows all the required COVID protocols to ensure the health and safety of a client’s belongings.


In this manner, this time of moving need not be the cause for excessive worry. One has to simply follow a well-curated plan to protect both themselves as well their belongings. The disinfection process must be properly carried out both before and after the move.