Ultimate Checklist 2021: Moving Interstate Melbourne To Sydney

September 8, 2021 Supercheap

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Are you relocating to Australia’s Harbour City? Excellent choice! Sydney certainly does hold everything.

From beautiful beaches to best in class entertainment, superior education facilities and great career opportunities.

You might be very excited about your move, however, moving to a new place needs a plethora of work to be done and can usually cause huge stress. With efficient planning, you can easily subdue all your stress.

You must start your planning by making a simple to-do-list and must hold lots of time preparing for the move as it is most beneficial to begin your move preparation as soon as possible.

Just doing a little bit of preparation every week and hiring a professional Melbourne to Sydney removalist can make relocating extremely easier.

Verified advice for moving from Melbourne to Sydney

If you are contemplating moving to Sydney, here is some important tips that can make your transit easier:

1. Relocating costs

Relocating means the choosing of what stuff you want to carry along and what you need to sell-off. Even though the division of your belongings can be a timely task, you simply must do it. The quantity of your stuff eventually determines the cost of your moving, and the more your load, the more the cost. Melbourne to Sydney removals can prove to be a hefty dent in one’s worth.

Hence it is important to decide things according to your requirement and also the size of your new home. You can also contact your trusted removalist company to chalk out these details and cut down on your relocation cost.

2. Residence in Sydney

When planning your move to Sydney, you must be mentally prepared for the skyrocketing prices of both rental and self-owned property; Sydney is regarded as the 10th costliest city across the globe. The prices of the property differ according to the area you prefer. If you are desirous of getting an affluent residence, you would like the North of Sydney. However, if you are looking for a more economical housing option, you should consider areas like Darlinghurst, Chippendale, or Redfern where you can find homes of all kinds of budget.

3. Maintaining a car in Sydney

If you’re relocating from Melbourne, you’ll be authorised to utilise your current driving permit for three months. After this period, you are required to obtain a New South Wales permit. As Sydney has the most congested traffic, the parking spots are pretty pricey. Apart from this, there is a huge problem of traffic jams. If you want to cut down on your costs in Sydney you can try carpooling or maybe choosing an economic alternative like Uber, to curtail extravagant parking charges.

4. Is moving to Sydney a good idea?

While nobody can deny that Sydney is an absolutely beautiful city with an amazing climat, the choice of your move must solely depend on how you wish to live in Sydney. Sydney is hotter, brighter, and arider than Melbourne with a lower crime rate as well. Fortunately, Sydney can be a great option for people who love to reside by nature. The city extends into a magnificent assortment of eateries, cafes, recreation choices, and open-air activities, making it a transcendent alternative for people from all over Australia.

5. Is it more pleasant to live in Sydney or Melbourne?

Melbourne is ranked as the world’s most liveable city five times in a row by the Economist’s Intelligence Unit in the year 2015. It is considered a favorite hotspot for people who are looking to invest money in property. It is chosen by many as it provides the highest paying jobs, world-class education and opulent housing options.

The cheapest way to move furniture interstate

The process of relocation and furniture move can be a stressful task. However, It doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg for moving your furniture interstate. You must look for Melbourne to Sydney furniture removalist companies who are skilled, dependable and charge economic prices for a hassle-free movement of your furniture.

Mentioned below are some cheapest ways to move furniture interstate:

1. Utilize a self assortment moving container

Assorting or packing your container for the movement of furniture can save you a lot more money than paying a furniture removalist company. An empty freight box is transported to your place, and you can pack it as you seem fit. A self-pack removalist crew will then come and pick it up for transportation at your desired address. Apart from saving a lot of money, it also provides a lot of flexibility in your furniture move. A person can take his own sweet time in packing the container as there is no hurry to complete it in a day. Melbourne to Sydney removals can be very costly so be smart with the weight of your load.

2. Declutter your place before relocating

Before you relocate to a new place interstate, cutting down on the amount of furniture you want to relocate is a smart move. You must go through the checklist made by your removalist company before packing your stuff for the move. You can then start decluttering your furniture objects and contemplate whether you want to keep or sell it.

3. Evaluate inclusions on relocation quotes

The price of interterritorial removalists can sometimes be exorbitant if you do not cautiously examine the terms and conditions mentioned in the quotation. Apart from this, one important part that you must check is the inclusions in the charges along with the GST details. Some additional popular add-ons to a removalist quote could depend upon the extra weight of your content, warehousing cost, waiting charges and more. Melbourne to Sydney furniture removalists are a heavy cost, so you might want to figure out what you want to sell before you call for assistance.

4. Take help of a Cheap Removalists Melbourne to Sydney

If you do not wish to spend a huge amount on your move, then there are lots of removalist companies that charge an economical price for all your removal requirements without costing an exorbitant amount. You will need the best Melbourne to Sydney removalists to make your move perfect and hassle free.

10 new things you will learn when you move from Melbourne to Sydney

  1. You will see that suddenly everything in this city has a distinct name.
  2. You cannot call yourself a real Sydneysider until you naturally resent Bondi Beach.
  3. Your susceptibility for freezing temperatures will posthaste diminish the longer you reside in Sydney.
  4. If a friend moves to the opposite side of the bridge you will presumably never see them again.
  5. Your perception of wealth becomes wrenched.
  6. There are lots and lots of gyms.
  7. There is no central heating in Sydney.
  8. You will sense an unreasonable urge to get a tan.
  9. Housing is even more costly than everyone informed you about.
  10. There are abundant hills in Sydney.

Checklist for moving from Melbourne to Sydney

Sometimes planning and preparing for an interstate move can be perplexing for anyone. It is always better to hire a cost-effective removalist company that takes care of all your requirements for you. They can further allow you to be more organised with your planning, leaving no room for last-minute chaos. While you can hire the perfect Melbourne to Sydney removalists, you still need a moment to prepare yourself. You can use the detailed checklist mentioned below that will help you stay organised at every stage of your interstate move.

Six weeks before Interstate move

Most of the items mentioned in this checklist at this stage will require planning. As each move is diverse, you can add or remove items as per your requirement.

  • Start by going through your possessions. Things that you do not require to take with you during the move can either be placed for sale or donated to charity.
  • Look for empty boxes and suitcases you already hold. These can be utilised for packing your stuff and cutting down on the purchase cost of new packing materials.
  • Items that are required seasonally like Christmas decoration items, seasonal garments or anything of this sort can be packed first.
  • Do not forget to call up your bank, credit card companies and utility organisations to inform them about your move and request them to take off your name from their records. Also, you must keep your plastic money active even in the new city you move to.

Remember to find yourself cheap removalists Melbourne to Sydney.

Three weeks before your interstate move

In the next step, you can start collecting packing materials for stuff that won’t come in use very often.

  • Once you have collected all unused bags, cartons, boxes, or baskets you hold in the place already, you can start using them for packing stuff.
  • Buy and assemble the remaining moving supplies that you might require like masking tape, cartons, marker pens, stickers, bubble wrap and all other similar packing equipment.
  • You must modify your address with all important organisations along with the Australia Post.
  • If you have kids, involve them in packing the stuff in their rooms. Start early as children will require more supervision and prolonged time.
  • Make a separate box for all your important documents like medical records, financial papers and official documents; do not forget to label the carton.
  • Ensure that you have chosen and hired a moving container and removalist team.
  • Make use of all the leftover food before making your final trip to the grocery store so that the eatables are not wasted.
  • Take out some time to bid adieu to your local friends and family members. Take your kids to their favourite park for one last time.

The last week before interstate move

Now that there are just a few days left for the big day, you must take care of the significant things.

  • Remove all the furniture except for the beds that you use for sleeping.
  • You must empty the fridge along with cleaning and defrosting it.
  • You must pack all your stuff completely and ensure that you properly label all the boxes according to the nature of its contents. You must further pack stuff for each room separately.
  • Pack a separate bag for stuff you will need immediately once you reach your destination. This can include new house keys, essential documents, toiletries and personal belongingness.

The moving day

When the big day finally arrives, you must have finished your packing by now. Now it’s time to catch one last glance at your beloved home and begin taking stuff to the new one.

  • You must ensure that the removalists place heavier items on the bottom and the light ones on the top while loading the packed goods in the container.
  • Make sure that you check all the drawers and cabinets for the last time once everything has been taken out to ensure that nothing is left behind.
  • Do not forget to take the bag that contains all your important documents.

The average cost of relocating from Melbourne to Sydney

The price to relocate from Melbourne to Sydney diversifies depending on the kind of assistance you need, kind of material used, number of personal articles, mileage travelled, and number of removalists involved in the move and other factors. Melbourne to Sydney furniture removalists can be grossly expensive at times, but picking the correct company is important. Although a mediocre amount can range between $3000 to $5,000, there are no fixed charges as the companies also modify and tailor their plans as per the clients’ requirement.

Are Supercheap Interstate removalists the best Melbourne to Sydney Removalists?

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The bottom line

Now that you hold all the details concerning your move, and the best Interstate Removalists Melbourne to Sydney, you can commence planning according to the checklist mentioned above for a hassle-free transit encounter. You must choose reliable Melbourne to Sydney removalists as a nerve-racking relocation can hinder your mood while you embark on a novel journey. Always hire removalists who realise the value of your possessions and handle them as their own.