Backloading Melbourne to Sydney

If you are looking for cheap yet premium relocation services to move your stuff from Melbourne to Sydney, then our backloading service is just what you need. 

At SuperCheap Interstate Removals, we help you relocate within your budget at maximum security. 

Since we have a huge fleet of trucks moving between Melbourne and Sydney, we can easily backload your things in just a few days. 

We monitor and track all our vehicles and will keep you updated about the progress of the relocation. You can rest assured that you will get superior relocation service at a minimum cost.

Affordable, secure and environment-friendly! What more reason do you want?

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What Is Backloading?

Instead of hiring a whole truck for your relocation, backloading is a budget-friendly option to share the truck with others. We will match you with others who need to relocate on the same route or utilize the truck that’s returning to the primary location. With backloading, you can place your furniture and other stuff on a truck and pay according to the space you occupy.

Therefore, you only pay a fraction of the total cost of the move and still get the best removalists on the job.

Supercheap Interstate Removals

Why Choose Backloading Instead of Paying for the Whole Truck?

Many of our customers ask us this very question. Let’s break it down. If you are planning to move a piece of furniture or just a couple of boxes, then backloading is the best choice.

You don’t have to hire an entire truck for just a few items and pay the cost of the whole truck. When you backload your things, you save loads of money.

What’s more, is that you will have expert removalists transporting your stuff in secure trucks. When you are sharing a single truck with a few others, you are also doing your bit for the environment.