Backloading Melbourne to Brisbane

Running on a tight budget for relocation? Our backloading service is here to help you to move at cheap rates all the while enjoying the assistance of the top Australian removalists.

We have a huge fleet of trucks backloading from Melbourne to Brisbane as well as the other popular cities in Australia. You can quickly reserve your spot on the truck, load your things and only pay according to the volume it occupies!

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What Is Backloading?

Backloading is the most affordable way of relocation for all kinds of purposes, be it for house relocation, office relocation or business deliveries. In backloading, you will use a truck that is already booked by one or more persons.

You don’t have to pay for an entire truck; you only pay for the volume your stuff occupies.

Backloading is best for moving a few pieces of furniture, sending business goods or for relocations that involve a fewer amount of items.

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Why Choose Backloading Instead of Paying for the Whole Truck?

Many are choosing to backload over hiring an entire truck primarily due to the cost factors. Let’s say that you are sharing your truck with four others.

The total moving cost will be shared among these four based on the amount of stuff of each person. So, you end up paying far lesser than what you will pay if you hire the whole truck.

Another additional advantage is the practice of going the environment-friendly way. Similar to the concept of carpooling to reduce vehicle emissions, backloading is another way to cut down on fuel consumption as well as emissions.