Interstate Terms and Conditions :

  1. SuperCheap Interstate Removal endeavour to arrive on time. However, delays do happen and customers should allow at least 24 hrs ahead of their schedules. ( Flight bookings, Move out Cleaning or Job Schedules. 
  2. SuperCheap interstate removals is a backloading service where the customer receives goods or furniture with in a time frame of 4-6 Business days  unless otherwise stated in the email for a direct job.
  3. SuperCheap Interstate endeavour to deliver at the given address. But for any reason, Customer not at the destination address or other person to supervise the move, Redelivery fee would be charged.
  4. Parking or building Permit to be arranged by the customer. Any hold up by the Building Manager or there is no Parking, Hourly rate of $95 would be applied to the customer. 
  5. An Hour of Loading and unloading is free of charge. Any extra time will incur $95ph
  6. SuperCheap Interstate will charge additional cost for the hard access of the property or the access to the pick up or drop off is more than 30 metres of the truck parking.
  7. Any Tolls roads used to arrive at pick up or drop off will be Charged.
  8. Please be aware that your Inventory list is just a guide and on the day of the move, the actual physical items may be larger than the estimation. 

Payments Policy :

  1. All payments must be paid by the customer before unloading starts at the drop off point. Any delays during the payment ,the client will be charged at our hourly rate of $95.
  2. In case of non payment our services, we have the right to seize the goods, till the final payment is been received.
  3. Incase of Non payment of the balance payments, we reserve the right to sell the goods thereafter.
  4. MasterCard/debit card payments will incur 2% surcharge

Insurance and Backloading Policy :

  1. Under No circumstances ,SuperCheap interstate removals will be liable for any damage caused during transit where as Public Liability ,Truck Accidental damage and Loading and Unloading is covered.
  2. We have all the necessary equipments to cover like Heavy padded blankets, Bubble wraps, ropes and straps. Customer can get their own content and Marine insurance from YES insurance or
  3. SuperCheap Interstate do not hold any insurance for breakage,scratches or loss of goods due to drivers negligence. By accepting our booking confirmation email, the customer herby agrees to go ahead with the move and get their own insurance from different providers.
  4. Any Damages to be Notified with in 24hrs to the company or otherwise will not be entertained.
  5. Any work out of the furniture movement will not be done by the removals guys as fixing cabinets, beds or otherwise stated in booking confirmation.
  6. Customer agrees that this is a backloading service and the customer will receive goods with in 3-7 business days or otherwise stated in booking confirmation email.
  7. SuperCheap interstate removals will not be responsible for the items Packed by the customer ( Boxes , Bags , Containers ).
  8. All Items to be Labelled by the Customer on every item, Due to Interstate move. SuperCheap Interstate removals take no responsibility of the boxes or any other items missing due to non Labelling of the items being moved.

Storage Policy :

  1. We offer free 2 Week storage to our Interstate Customers within Melbourne. After 2 Weeks ,we Charge $100 per week for the storage up to 20 Cubic Metres. One Week Notice to be required to redeliver the Stuff from the Storage.
  2. Storage is extendable to one more week up to the sole discretion of the company.
  3. In the event of any Cancellations – Strictly Interstate jobs, SuperCheap interstate removals will charge the customer directly to recover any costs.
  4. We offer temporary storage for all our Customers and hold no responsibility for the loss or missing items from our storage to the destination address. Customers must have their own Insurance through different providers.
  5.  Re Delivery – 2 Weeks Free Storage is Provided to all Interstate Customers Within Melbourne but there would a redelivery charge on an hourly rate from our Storage to the destination Address.

Cancellation Policy :

  1. SuperCheap Interstate removals will not charge if the cancellations are made giving at least 2 week notice. Or otherwise will incur the deposit.
  2. Any Short notice cancellations will result in incurring extra cost ( Local Pick up, delivery and storage charges
  3. Any Cancellations due to customer’s change of plans will breach the contract and all the packaged deals Including Free Storage and Free Delivery
  4. SuperCheap Interstate removals hold the right to charge the customer and recover all the losses as a result of short notice cancellations by the customer.
  5. In case of any cancellations / Change of plans, SuperCheap Interstate removals needs to be notified 2 weeks  in advance to accomodate other customers and avoid losses.
  6. SuperCheap Interstate removals can cancel any job if the customer is not willing to cooperate or the customer not willing to pay.

    Stair Charges :

    1. Any Stair Charges to be paid by the Customer. We do not move Pianos or Pool tables via Stairs.